Why Sama-Pro:

1) Over Three Generations, our services goes on unique values as we strictly submit the clean handing work on time, quick & professional.

2) Our Parts & Maintenance covers every type of swimming pools, sauna & jacuzzi and all water treatment systems. Such: (RO systems “softener system” – UV sterilizers systems). And we keep tracking & tracing to assure having the successful results.

3) Full Warranty & Responsibility for each and every single part of our products and projects.

Our Customers:

Everyone of: Engineers – Houses / Villas – Water Shows – Restaurants – Hotels – Resorts – Gyms – Water Sellers Companies, etc…

Our Offers:

Products & Projects:

1) Pool Accessories

2) Cleaning Accessories

3) Under Water Lights

4) Nozzles

5) Ultra violet sterilizer system (UV system)

6) Softener systems

7) RP – system (Reverse Osmosis System)

8) Filters

9) Cartridges

10) Pumps Treatment

11) Chemicals

12) PVC Accessories



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Sama-Pro Water Treatment


Since 25 years of experience, we provide & maintain fully equipped swimming pools, sauna and Jacuzzi, with latest filtration systems that are constructed using highest quality raw materials designed according to match and add beauty & decor to the surroundings at houses, hotels, gyms and resorts that reflects luxury and hygiene.

As we offer 100% healthy drinkable water with the approved TDS level, advanced water treatment systems and softener machines.


Sama-Pro Water Treatment


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